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Everything you need to know before visiting the Zipolite Nudist Festival 2020

By: Nick & Lins

Finally. In 2020 we’re finally going to the Zipolite Nudist Festival. Ever since the first time we heard about the festival, we’ve put it high on our bucket list. When we visited Zipolite back in 2018 and fell in love with the cozy little town and its magnificent nude beach, the festival became the number one nudist event we wanted to attend. And now, within less than a month and a half, we’ll finally check it out. Can you hear how excited we are?
Because we’ve visited Zipolite before and because we’ve been doing quite a lot of research about the festival lately, we ended up with some valuable information which we want to share with you. Maybe it can be a help to plan your first visit to the festival. Or maybe it’ll trickle your imagination so much that you’ll call in sick at work and get the first flight to Mexico. That’s up to you.

What is the Zipolite Nudist Festival?

We’ve already written quite a lot about Zipolite in previous blog posts, so we’re not going to repeat all of that. Important to know is that Zipolite has been known as a nudist destination since the 1950s. That’s long before the large nudist resorts found their way to the Mexican Riviera Maya. In the early days, Zipolite was mostly popular among local nudists and hippies, but that changed in the 21st century when more and more travelers found their way to the cozy little beach town.

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