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17 Great Gift Ideas for Nudists

By: Nick & Lins

Christmas is just behind the corner and these couple of weeks before the holidays we have to start thinking about which gifts we will give our loved ones this year. Another pair of reindeer socks? Another one of those woolen Christmas sweaters? The options are plenty and beautifully decorated shop windows are screaming for our attention.
But what do we buy for our nudist friends and family members?

Actually, if you’ve been other posts on our blog you probably already figured out that nudists are just like all other people. Except that we prefer to do some things in the nude. So you can buy literally everything for your nudist friends that you would buy for your textile friends as well. Even clothes. Nevertheless, it might be fun to give your nude fellows something that could be handy or fun in their nudist life. If you lack inspiration, here are some tips.

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