What to pack for a naturist camping trip

Spring is in the air in the northern hemisphere. We can see it in our mailbox and on our social media, one after the other naturist campsite in Europe and the USA have started opening their doors for another season of receiving naked guests. Back in the days when we were still having day jobs in Belgium, this was the time of the year when we would head into the basement to find our camping gear. Not to use it immediately, but just to already have a good look at it. To see what still works and what needs to be replaced. And more importantly, to make it a subject for dreams for the nights to come.

This blog post is sponsored by Riva Bella Naturist Resort. This resort is more than just a naturist campsite. With a variety of rentals, it’s a place where everyone can have an amazing naturist vacation. But the campsite part of the domain is really nice, and it’s also the place where we recorded a packing video last year:

[embedded content]

The number one requirement for a naturist camping trip is obviously your accommodation. There are numerous options in the form of campers, RVs, caravans, vans, cars, tents, and who knows what else. If you’re a millionaire or a dreamer like us, have a look at this video. Luckily, there’s also quite a lot for people with a slightly smaller budget.

We have always been tent people. Partly because we couldn’t really afford anything larger, but also because we enjoy the proximity to nature. Fro …

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