Review: Naturist Resort Bali Natur in Bali

A good decade ago, we heard one story after the other about naturist resorts either closing their doors or turning textile. It appeared like the big wave of naturists that started in the early seventies was coming to an end and resort owners took action to save their businesses. Maybe not the right action, because today, it feels as if the tide has turned again.

More and more people are finding their way to a naked vacation destination and new naturist resorts are popping up in places where there have never been any before. In the north of Bali, we were among the first guests to experience Bali Natur. A former textile resort that turned naturist after the obligatory closure during the COVID pandemic.

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How to get to Bali Natur
The international airport in Bali offers direct connections to many countries in Southeast Asia, as well as Hong Kong, China, the Middle East, and several cities in Australia. However, if you’re travelling from Europe or the Americas, you’ll likely have a layover.

To get from the airport to Bali Natur, the easiest option is to use the resort’s pickup service or the Grab app (the Uber of Asia). If you plan to visit other places on the island, renting a car from one of the airport offices is also an option. However, be warned that traffic is a problem on the island, and driving can be stressful.

Public transportation is not widely available on the island. If you prefer not to drive, you can hire private drivers or taxis. The owner of Bali Natur can recommend reliable drivers who can also show yo …

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