Revisited: Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok, Thailand

It has been 5 years since we last visited Thailand, almost to date. So we were very much looking forward to seeing what has changed and what we would still recognise. The world turns fast, but one could wonder how much can be different in just half a decade. These are not normal times though.

When we first visited Thailand, naturism in the country was still kinda in its infancy. There were several resorts, but none of them had existed longer than a handful of years. And there had also been COVID, which held the country in its grip and denied foreign tourists for about 2 years. Today, this is part of the sad history chapter, but we were curious to see what we could find. And we started with the same resort as 5 years ago: Barefeet in Bangkok.

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How to get to Barefeet Naturist Resort
Obviously, Barefeet was still in the same place as where we left it, in the northeast of Bangkok. Close to the Don Mueang airport. This is an international airport, but only has connections within Asia. If you’re coming from another continent, you’re likely to arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport, which connects to pretty much everywhere.

From Don Mueang, your best option is to just take a taxi as the airport is less than 30 minutes away from the resort. From Suvarnabhumi, your ride will easily take more than an hour, depending on the traffic. Yet, a taxi is still the most comfortable option and taxis are cheap in Thailand. You probably won …

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