Nudity and Growth: Reflections on My Second Month of Naturist Resolutions in 2023

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We are at the beginning of March, and it’s the second pit stop on our 2023 nudist journey. As I emphasized on my post Happy Nude Year!, monthly reviews are an important moment to look at our progress. It’s a moment to look at the gauges and what they tell us.
In my previous month post, Nudity and Growth: Reflections on My First Month of Naturist Resolutions in 2023, i introduced the progress measurement four-level scale. Here it is as a reminder.
++ I’m ahead. I can relax, while keeping an eye on it, but devote more time to more pressing goals.
+ I’m on track. It’s great, I need to keep the pressure to keep on track.
– I’m slightly behind. This requires my attention and I need to spend more time and energy on this.
— I’m really behind. This requires my immediate attention and requires that I take tangible actions, with more time and energy.
So here I am on my goals and magical triplets (for all explanations about those goals and triplets, how to set and monitor them, I encourage you to read Happy Nude Year!)

Spend 120 days naked
30 days quarterly
The short month of February was tough on nudity with a lot of really cold days. Somehow, with determination, I managed to crank 11 days, which brings the total to 23 days to date. With a forecast of 13 days in March, this goal is fully on track to be exceeded
Spend a full naked week in a naturist resort
The decision to move to Q3 is made. Now, I’m shopping around and need to decide where we’ll go.
Make a five-day naked hike 
I decided to merge this goal with the previous one, hence doing daily naked hikes around the nudist resort. Hitting two birds with one stone!
Publish A passion for Nudism
Gathered some interviews in January, but did not work on it in February. I need to rework the planning to fit in it. Down from last month.

Weekly exercise and meditation
Measured weekly
Exercised daily, measured as 47 min daily on average. February was a full day with daily exercise from long walks to yoga and strenght training. A side effect of this is the quality of my sleep has dramatically increased.
Work on my joie de vivre
Put smiling pictures on my desk, gloomy days were less in February and I feel more relaxed and joyful deep under, having put more levity in my daily activities.
Get c …

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