Naturist vacations in South Africa: An Overview

For 3 whole months, we’ve travelled through South Africa in search of what the country has to offer to the naturist traveller. The least we can say is that we’ve been overwhelmed by the natural beauty of this country. Even if we wouldn’t have had a single chance to get naked, it would definitely still have been worth every minute of the trip. But luckily, we did get opportunities to enjoy South Africa without clothes. More than we initially expected.

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Naturist resorts in South Africa
Let’s start with the private resorts. If you have a look on Google, it’s quite likely that SunEden will pop up somewhere on your screen. It’s the most famous naturist resort in the country and the easiest one to reach when you travel internationally. But there are several others. We’ll only list the resorts that we personally visited and of which we can guarantee that you can have a great naturist vacation.

SunEden in Gauteng
As mentioned earlier, SunEden is the most famous naturist resort in the country and can accommodate the most guests. It’s ideally located at about 1.5 hours drive from OR Tambo, the international airport of Johannesburg. Rental accommodation comes in different forms and price ranges, camping is also possible.

Highlights of SunEden:
❤️ Lively atmosphere during the weekends
❤️ Wild (not dangerous) animals roaming free around the resort
❤️ Proximity to Dinokeng Game Reserve and other tourist hot spots
❤️ High-quality accommodation

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