Naturism Unplugged: Sharing the Benefits of Living Clothes-Free with Others

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Naturism and nudism are social lifestyle. Although many naturists are home nudists, it’s advisable to share our naturist practice with others. It brings another dimension to naturism and provides many benefits: body acceptance, increased self-esteem, more social connections, and enhanced sense of freedom. This has been documented numerous times, including in the third chapter of my book Becoming a Nudist and through this blog post Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual and Social Nudity – Social Nudity.
For many people, including myself a few years ago, it’s not easy to talk about naturism. There are many prejudices and misconceptions about naturism: sexual deviancy, lack of morality, indecency, inaccessibility, secrecy, and even unsanitary. These prejudices and misconceptions about naturism are not based on fact, but rather on misguided beliefs, stereotypes and more often than not moral, cultural and religious indoctrination. By educating oneself and being respectful towards those who participate in naturism, these misconceptions can be dispelled, as you will see here.
In this post, I will give you seven ideas that will help you share the benefits of living clothes-free with others, friends and family. Those may not be easy, at least at the beginning, to put into action. But you may discover quite quickly actually that it’s easier than anticipated and more often than not very well received or leads to indifference. Remember though that it’s important to be patient and understanding when sharing the benefits of living clothes-free with others. Not everyone may be interested, and that’s okay. Ultimately, the choice to go clothes-free is a personal one and should be respected.

1. Lead by example
To lead by example in naturism means to embody the principles and values of the naturist lifestyle through your own behavior and actions. Naturism is a lifestyle that promotes nudity as a way to foster body acceptance, respect for oneself and others, and a closer connection to nature. As a naturist leader, leading by example involves:
Being comfortable with your own nudity and being willing to be naked in appropriate settings. Get naked with friends and family, even if they are clothed. Yes, I know this may be hard or even impossible for some of the readers, however, it’s the best way to show and tell what naturism is about.
Respecting the boundaries of others and ensuring that everyone in the naturist community feels safe and comfortable. This can violate the previous point where I told you to get naked with friends and family who may not feel comfortable with you being naked. This is a fine line but one that you want to discuss crossing with the tips I describe in this post.
Encouraging body positivity and self-acceptance by …

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