Where to make naturist friends

It keeps baffling us how many naturists we know around the world. Every time when we scroll through our phones, we see all these foreign numbers popping up, from places where we have ended up one day or another. We can roughly divide them in two categories: Airbnbs and naturists.

Airbnbs because this is where we spend many of our nights and it’s always a good idea to be able to communicate with the hosts. And naturists, because it’s such a friendly and well-connected network that often forms the foundation of our planning.

This may come as a surprise and we’re well aware that we are in a privileged position. From the many questions we get about how and where to make naturists friends, we realise that not all naturists have found their way into “the network”. So here are some tips.

Clubs and associations
Naturist clubs are by far the best place to meet other naturists because they focus a lot on the social aspect. Their goal is to bring naturists together in a space where there is no judgement and where it’s perfectly normal to be naked. We divide clubs into three main categories:

Landed clubs: This is the most common type in Europe. Landed clubs have their own private property that often has some facilities like a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, etc. Often they also have options to stay overnight like ca …

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