Nudity and Growth: Reflections on My First Month of Naturist Resolutions in 2023

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We are at the beginning of February, and it’s the first pit stop on our 2023 nudist journey. It’s a moment to look at the gauges and what they tell us about our progress.
I’m gauging my progress on a four-level scale:
++ I’m ahead. I can relax, while keeping an eye on it, but devote more time to more pressing goals.
+ I’m on track. It’s great, I need to keep the pressure to keep on track.
– I’m slightly behind. This requires my attention and I need to spend more time and energy on this.
— I’m really behind. This requires my immediate attention and requires that I take tangible actions, with more time and energy.
So here I am on my goals and magical triplets (for all explanations about those goals and triplets, how to set and monitor them, I encourage you to read Happy Nude Year!)

Spend 120 days naked
30 days quarterly
12 days in January
Spend a full naked week in a naturist resort
Thinking of moving to Q3
Make a five-day naked hike 
Working on finding the trail
Publish A passion for Nudism
Gathered some interviews in Jan
Weekly exercise and meditation
Measured weekly
Exercised daily, measured as 47 min daily on average
Work on my joie de vivre
Put smiling pictures on my desk, but still have gloomy days

Get closer to friends and family
Haven’t done much.

To really love my passion for naturism
I’m more and more at peace with it.
To live my nudism more openly
Still cold to be totally open about it, but fine with the idea.
To dare sharing my nudist activities with others
Planning naturist activities with textile friends for Spring

To protect my time from predators
Dared to say no to many people who wanted my time
Key Learnings from the First Month:
The Good
Finding peace with my naturist lifestyle
Despite the challenges posed by my heavy workload and inclement winter weather, I have found peace and comfort in embracing a naturist lifestyle.
I have been able to make time for full-day nudity, which has added to my sense of peace and well-being.

Increased involvement in naturist activities
I have become more involved in naturist communities, writing, and activities.
I have also formed partnerships with naturist organizations, which has helped me feel more alive and connected to the naturist community.

Positive impact on physical and mental health
My focus on physical and mental health through daily exercise has had a noticeable impact on …

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