Look what we found on the way to Cape Town!

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We relaxed for a couple of days at the lovely naturist resort Bare Necessities, before starting the last lap of this South Africa road trip. Throughout this trip, Cape Town has quite a symbolic meaning. It was the end point of our trip, the direction we just kept following. But now that the city is less than an hour’s drive away, that feeling gets a bit double. The end is near. So we decided to extend our road trip by doing a small detour around the Cape Town peninsula.

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One thought on “Look what we found on the way to Cape Town!

  • 14 February , 2023 at 01:38

    I’m sure enjoying your excursions. I got especially interested in this time when you started on a farm, but you didn’t spend much of the video time there. Your choice of the music during your visit to the penguin beach was very fitting!


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