Why we often compare naturism with veganism

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may have noticed that we often use a comparison with veganism as an example to explain certain aspects of naturism. There’s no need to worry, our goal is not to convince every naturist to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Or vice versa. But we noticed that although both are quite distinct, they share a number of similar values.

It appears that the concept of not using or consuming animal products seems a lot easier to comprehend than the concept of non-sexual nudity. Maybe because one is more tangible than the other? Or is it because veganism has become more known than naturism? That we can’t explain. But if you do find yourself with questions about naturism, it’s often helpful to ask “What would the vegan do?”.

The same roots
Both the concepts of “modern” naturism and veganism originate from the first half of the 20th century and could be called a result of the industrial revolution. While naturism was mostly focusing on reintegrating nature into our lives, the vegan philosophy spotlighted the growing exploitation of animals. Respect for nature and our surroundings can be seen as a very common ground.

Note the word “modern” in the previous paragraph, because both the idea of social nudity and not consuming animal products can be traced back much further than the 20 …

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