Coming Back Into Balance

I know I am not the only who sometimes feels like their life is out of balance. I’m not just talking about a work, life, family, and personal time balance, but more of a total body imbalance. Over the past several months…well, probably at least a year now, I haven’t felt like I was in a fully balanced state emotionally, spiritually, and even nutritionally for a very long time. I think this has been the biggest reason for my long lapse in being consistent with my writings, and why I have been reclusive in many aspects of my life. I’ve been searching for that balance and never even realized it. I began to realize this week that I needed to reset myself and begin to focus on what was bringing me out of balance, and identify the steps required to help bring that balance back into my life. Spoiler alert: My nudity and wine alone could not fix this full body imbalance, but I am working on identifying the steps to bring this back into my life. Here are a few things I have identified so far that I feel my body, mind, and spirit are yearning for.

Naked In Nature

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