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The other day we were invited by a friend to visit their naturist camp. Not the kind of campsite that we’re used to in Europe, that’s open throughout the season and where people come and go. It was more like a pop-up camp. A group of naturists rented out a whole, usually textile, campsite just north of Cape Town and turned it naturist throughout the weekend.

This is not uncommon in South Africa, last month we been to a “takeover” of a hotel in the Drakensberg mountains and just last week we talked to the owners of a textile guesthouse who told us that they would happily have naturists over if they rented out the whole place. As they only had 5 rooms, just a small group of naturists could do the trick. For some groups, a place like that would actually be too small. Like the group of naked campers who were with at least 30-40 people when we showed up.

Organising a pop-up naturist event
It was a lovely sunny afternoon when we arrived at the camp and most people were in or around the swimming pool. Our friend greeted us and quickly introduced us to everyone in our near surroundings. We sat down, opened a beer, took a piece of watermelon, and started talking. This was already the third camp they were org …

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