The year of big ups and downs

Welcome to the 6th New Year’s blog post that is appearing on this website. Who would have guessed this when we wrote the first one back in 2017? At the time, we were just two backpackers who had started a simple website to share our opinions about naturism and our experiences at the naturist places that we visited. We had planned to do this for a year or maybe two until we ran out of money and had to return to our office jobs again.

Who would have guessed that in 2023 we would still be on the road? Who would have guessed that we would be writing another New Year’s blog post from a terrace with a mountain view in South Africa? We definitely did not, and yet here we are. So many things have happened during those years, good things and less good things. Ups and downs are part of life and it makes no difference whether you’re an accountant, a doctor, or a naturist travel blogger. But this year has been one with very highs and very lows for us.

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When travel was finally back
Nothing has played with our minds and moods as much as COVID. It made us realise that we should not take travelling freely around the world for granted, it pulled our budgets into a deep red zone, but it also gave us lots of inspiration for new projects. It’s quite fair to say that without COVID, we would not be making YouTube videos today.

Every summer, the pandemic see …

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