Nurturing Naturism

A few days ago, Steve and Anna, the founders of the online naturist community and site A Naturist World, came up with the theme Nurturing Naturism for the year 2023. In their own words, “Nurturing Naturism means that naturism takes care of us and we have to take care of naturism. A mutually beneficial relationship”.
I loved the idea and the one that his implicit to it which is that naturism can only develop if we, naturists and nudists, support it and help it to develop. This led me to think how I was supporting and nurturing naturism. Of course, this blog and its French siblings are part of the story, my Twitter feed and my renewed Tumblr one as well. But, while I was listening to the latest episode of The Naturist Living Show, I remembered I was one of the patrons of the show. This led to a series of thoughts about which naturist organisation I was supporting. So here is the list of all my paid subscriptions to naturist organisations:
Fédération Française de Naturisme (FFN) — French Naturist Federation. I’ve been a member for years now. They are one of the organisations in France that represents naturism and naturists. Being a member contributes to its strength and helps its mission to protect and develop naturism and naturists.
Le Mouvement Naturiste (LMN). Le Mouvement Naturiste, another official naturist organisation, was created as its founders thought that the French Naturist Federation was too shy to defend naturism and protecting the environment. Close to Extinction Rebellion, it supports actions to support the environment and fight climate change.
Association pour la Promotion du Naturisme En Liberté (APNEL). The APNEL association defends the right to be naked outside of the fences of naturist resorts or official naturist beaches.
A Naturist World (ANW). A Naturist World is an online naturist community that promotes genuine and family naturist values.
The Naturist Living Show. The oldest podcast about naturism run by Stéphane De …

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