Mpenjati nude beach: The good and the bad

Sometimes, we wonder how much longer we can travel before we stop being surprised. Before we stop ending up at places that really move us. The day when everything we see will just be another “I’ve seen this before” thing. It’s the fear of every long-term traveller. When will everything just start looking the same? When will we lose the excitement of seeing something new?

It happened to us before, when we arrive at a waterfall or a village and just think that we’ve seen better and more beautiful. Several times before. And then we start questioning why we keep packing our bags every other day. But there are also times, like just the other day in South Africa, when we visit yet another nude beach (as we’ve been to hundreds before), but it just blows our minds. Its beauty almost literally blows the clothes from our bodies. Those are the days when it’s all worth it again. When we remember why we are travellers, nomads, people who search for amazing places and get all excited when we finally find them.

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How Mpenjati become South Africa’s first official nude beach
The beach we’re talking about is Mpenjati beach, located in a nature reserve about an hour and a half south of the city of Durban in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province. Pretty much every large coastal city in South Africa has its own nude beach. Durban has Mpenjati, East London has Freedom Beach, there’s Secrets Bea …

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