Happy Nude Year!

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Another year has started. I hope it will be good for each of you and that you’ll be able to enjoy much nudity, spread the nudist message around and widen your nudist friend circle! I started the year with a few ideas about the way I would approach nudism. It’s not any kind of revelation or revolution, but ways to increase nude time and nudist passion.

Nudist resolution ideas
I started with the simple action at ask ChatGPT about nudist resolutions and here what it came up with (unedited):

Visit a new nudist resort or beach: Branch out and try a new place where you can embrace your nudist lifestyle.
Host a clothing-optional party: Invite your friends and family to a casual get-together where clothing is optional.
Start a nudist meetup group: Connect with other nudists in your area and plan activities and events for like-minded individuals.
Go on a nudist vacation: Plan a trip to a destination where nudism is accepted and embraced.
Attend a nudist event: Check out local or national nudist events and festivals and participate in the fun.
Practice body positivity: Embrace and love your body as it is, and encourage others to do the same.
Educate others about nudism: Share your experiences and knowledge about nudism with others to help promote understanding and acceptance.
Get involved in advocacy work: Consider joining a nudist organisation and getting involved in efforts to promote and defend the nudist lifestyle.
Pretty decent list, isn’t it? I start to really like this chatbot, with its no BS common sense, particularly about nudism. As I wanted more, I asked for more and here they are
Practice yoga or meditation in the nude: Try out these activities while naked to increase your body awareness and connection to your environment.
Go on a naked hike: Explore nature in a more natural state, and enjoy the feeling of the sun and the breeze on your skin.
Take up naturism: Consider exploring the principles of naturism, which advocates for a way of life that promotes harmony with nature and respect for the environment.
Try skinny-dipping: Take a dip in a natural body of water, and experience the freedom and exhilaration of swimming naked.
Experiment with different forms of social nudism: Check out different nudist clubs, events, and communities and see what resonates with you.
Practice self-care in the nude: Take some time to pamper yourself and relax while naked, and focus on self-acceptance and self-love.
Share your nudist experiences with others: Consider writing a blog, creating a soci …

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