Do you have to be a naturist to visit a naturist resort?

We imagine that you’re shouting “YES, of course“, after you’ve just read the title question of this blog post. If you’re not a naturist, why would you want to visit a naturist resort in the first place? There’s nothing for you there, unless you have very un-naturist intentions which make you even less welcome.

Our answer is a bit more complicated, as you probably imagine since we’re about to spend a whole blog post on this topic. It all comes from the fact that we keep meeting people on nude beaches who don’t see themselves as naturists (or nudists for that matter). Going naked on a nude beach is just something they do, something that doesn’t need further explanation, something that doesn’t necessarily have to put them in a certain category.

Three women go to the naturist resort
In one of our previous videos, we interviewed a number of visitors at a naturist resort in Belgium. Among the interviewees was a group of three young women in their early twenties for whom it was the first time that they came to a naturist place. They had been visiting nude beaches together for years, but a holiday at a naturist resort had always seemed like quite a big step.

The reason for that was that they didn’t consider themselves naturists and …

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