Review: Bird of Paradise near Johannesburg, South Africa

One of the best things about naturist travelling is that no matter where you go in the world, you can always expect the same foundations. You will find places where you can be comfortably naked, friendly people who won’t judge your appearance, and an overall atmosphere of community. But still, they all look different, which adds an element of surprise to every new naturist place we visit.

After spending some time at SunEden, South Africa’s largest naturist resort, we started making our way south and arrived at Bird of Paradise. Much smaller than its northern neighbour, but definitely a hidden gem.

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How to get to Bird of Paradise
If you’re arriving in South Africa, it’s very likely that you’ll fly into the OR Tambo airport of Johannesburg, which is just an hour’s drive away from Bird of Paradise. There are different roads that you can take, most GPS systems will advise you to take the R24 to Bedfordview, hop on the N3 to New Redruth and then switch to the R59 that will take you to Vanderbijlpark.

We’ve taken this road without any issues, but later people told us that an easier and safer option would be to take the R24 to Bedfordview, hopping on the N3 and then immediately on the M2, switch to the M1 near Selby towards Johannesburg South, from where you can take the N1 highway to Vanderbijlpark.

If you don’t feel like driving in South Africa, you could also ask Lofty and Amanda from Joxilox Naturist Tours if they can provide a trip to Bird of Paradise.

Where to stay at Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise can accommodate abou …

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