Oaklake Trails Naturist Park  

To Georgia and Back Series: Part 4
When we last left off, we had fallen asleep under the stars in Palo Duro Canyon.
Before dawn, DF wakes me up. There is a sprinkle coming through the net and lightning can be seen above the canyon walls out on the plains to the west.
 As we scramble for the tarp, my sleepy head begins to digest our situation. If we stay and it rains, we will have a soggy tent. When the sun comes up, it will be hot and sticky under the tarp.
The rain is still in the distance. We are awake, now. I suggest that we just leave before the storm.
As we scramble around the public campsite, eventually in the imposition of kilt and sundress, I think of our earlier departure, which will grant us a longer afternoon at our destination. We’re going to Oaklake Trails Naturist Resort in Oklahoma. It will be Labor Day weekend and the place will be popping and filled with activity.
I slurp a little caffeine when we stop for gas in the dark. We avoid the rain and take off out onto the Interstate heading east. There will be one more stop today, for gas. That will be the last coverings this body will need for the next few days.
After an hour, or so, the sky comes alive with bright orange hews. Flashing lights on power generating windmills are spread around the endless stream of headlights. Soon, the sun, an orange ball, creeps up out on a black horizon.
It will feel like a long drive, but the daylight has illuminated my attention. I’m fully present.

We arrive in an oak forest, not far from the highway, between Tusla and Oklahoma City. The registration building isn’t hard to find. There are two friendly women staffing the office. The ice machine is out front. We are informed about all the ice you can use for $10 and find one dollar soda pop. The cool drink sets good in the afternoon sun.
A map is provided. It is extensive. This is a big place. We are informed that there are 486 oak acres out there to roam free in. The map shows us lakes and miles of walking trails. No clothing is needed, as we gather ourselves onto a golf cart for a guided orientation tour. There are fields, pavilions and plenty of vacation and full time homes nestled in the woods. The pool is busy, the clubhouse barn-like. This is indeed a big facility, with lots to explore. 
After setting up camp under a tree in a shady camping area, we roam around on foot, through the central facilities. There is a kitchen, a smoking room, numerous tables and a large dance floor. Up the stairs, more entertainment is found. Through a gate lies a swimming pool. One is for swimming, one is packed with a water volleyball game. Then off to the side, more to itself, a large jaccuzzi is fenced in.
Before settling down, we walk through all of this busy activity to see what the restaurant is offering. We’ll come back, but first, an afternoon in exquisitely perfect water. I just don’t really want to leave it.
People are standing and chatting all around us, as we gently swim laps. Here and there, the activity director makes announcements with a loud speaker.
We were frustrated hikers yesterday, at the canyon.  Today, an exploratory forest walk is an easy decisio …

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