Musings about Clothing-Optional 2.0

We received a message on our YouTube channel today. Someone asked whether “it is okay to wear only boxers when visiting a naturist place“. We explained that it is not. In fact, that the only types of clothing that really are considered a big no-no are underwear and bathing suits. Well, visibly that is, if it’s freezing outside and you’re wearing pants and a jacket, feel free to wear some undies too. But only boxers? Nope.

This got us thinking. Why would someone want to walk around in only boxers? Interestingly, we have no issues at all being naked among other people at any venue that allows it, but the thought of wearing only underwear feels kinda awkward. We believe that we would feel more naked in underwear than if we were actually naked. Is that strange? Have we gotten too deep into naturism?

Sexy on the nude beach
We feel the same about thongs and tiny bikinis, by the way, which are not an uncommon sight on nude beaches. Those things won’t keep you warm nor will they protect you from anything. The only reasons that we can come up with are the shame of going full monty or to sexualize your body. When we did a bit of research about this, we stumbled upon the lingerie website Clovia, which claims that their thongs “enhance your sex appeal, self-confidence and make you feel super sexy“. That’s all very nice, but t …

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