Missouri to Woodstock

2022-09-05 to the 14th
To Georgia and Back Series: Part 5
We’re on our cross country road trip.
We stop off at friends for a couple of days to visit in the countryside of Missouri.

There is no nudity for us, even as we sit in their backyard drinking cool drinks in their aboveground pool, playing with the dogs. They are concerned about a neighbor’s discovery.
We take a short walk into the nearby forest park. It could be done nude weekdays, if one stays casually alert. We opt out since our friends are not used to free range nude behavior. If we ever happen back, we know the course that leads to a very old, settler’s grave yard and a free range stroll.
We carnude south, through several states in a day, for our visit in northern Georgia. DF’s mom has turned 100 years of age.
There is a big family gathering. There are give or take 40 grandchildren and great grandchildren about.   We stay in a wonderful house, but there is no skinny dipping. I suppose that we could have made the effort to get up in the middle of the night and used the pool, but we just slept after a series of busy days.
Everyone is pretty conservative, but I am suspicious of a 78 year old aunt who rides a Harley Davidson. She has a good tan, yet no shoulder strap tanlines….
We are heading home after a stop in to visit with two Tucson friends in Atlanta. They now live downtown near the Center for Disease Control headquarters. 
They are working on psilocybin mushroom research. The drug companies have a synthetic. We are supposed to go with them on a mushroom hunt in a city park to find some dinner. We end up not doing that, but do discover a huge park with nature trails and often no lights. It is a forest in the middle of the city.
After an Ethiopian dinner, we take a walk.  It’s dark and nobody is out here in the urban forest. We need flashlights, as we make our way along trails bridges and brush. There is a good sized creek. After a while the foliage opens up onto a beach. The whole of the place is quiet and natural in its feel.
This place could be done nude at night.  One would probably want a drape in hand and a flashlight. In the darkness one can see any other flashlights, or people coming, at a distance. I’d doubt the risk of getting caught up in a hassle. Anyone shouldn’t be disturbed minding their own natural business of communing in nudity.
There is naturism to be found in so many surprising places. One just has to take the opportunity.
They promise that their new jaccuzzi will be installed next time.
We’re off for an Alabama getaway. (To be continued in a couple of days…this year!)
I’m going to deliberately go out of sequence. I’m going to skip over the Alabama Getaway story, Part 6 and get back to it later. There is a reason. Please, trust.
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