How to take better naturist pictures

We’ve been publishing blog posts for more than 6 years now, and for the last 2 years, we also dove into creating videos. The one thing that put us in newspapers around the world though were the pictures that we shared on Instagram. We never really considered this, but our concept of self-censorship was exactly what the media loved. Nudity sells, that much is sure, but full-frontal nudity is something for magazines on the top shelf. We gave mainstream media the opportunity to illustrate stories about naturism without shocking the average Joe.

We chose our coverup strategy in order to be able to use social media, and by no means do we want to force this idea upon you. It’s totally fine to take fully nude pictures, we take them too, and it’s also totally fine to not put your photos on the internet too. We live in a digitalized world and these days we have hard drives to keep our memories, so we don’t need to rely uniquely on our brains anymore. Over the years, we’ve gained quite some experience in taking naturist pictures. Experience that we like to share with you. No matter if you want to take “Naked Wanderings style” pictures or prefer to go full monty.

Know the rules
For a very long time, cameras were a big NO at naturist resorts. These were camera-free places, …

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