Body Unbound and Body Mirror, two wonderful books

It’s been a long overdue post, but just in time for Christmas, as those two books are wonderful gifts for people loving art and photography. Jean-Paul Bourdier, the author and photographer behind those books, contacted me a while back and graciously sent me his books to showcase on Nude and Happy. So a big thank you, Jean-Paul, for those wonderful books who are now featured in a good place on my personal library.
So let’s go for a review. First and foremost, before diving into each book individually, those are big, heavy and beautiful books. This is why it’s great to be able to consider them as gifts for you or people who love art and photography. You will not be disappointed. Let’s start with the presentation of the author done on Amazon:”Jean-Paul Bourdier is a photographer of unique style, skilled passion and compelling imagination. His images balance across the nexus of multiple crafts – among them painting, poetry, and performance art. His work is stunningly original, brimming with self-assurance, and paradoxically, both simple and yet complex.”
The stage is set for those two volumes of stunning images. Both books are what we call “coffee table” books. This means you can leave them on your coffee table for you and your guest to flip through.

Body Unbound
Jean-Paul Bourdier introduces the book by stating that “to be Unbound, free from restraint, is to simply be … to exist withoutthe restriction and tyranny of being “named” or defined.” I think it defines what you will find inside, unbound bodies, free of gravity, free of any definition but surprise, beauty and color. It also defines well what many naturists and nudists want about naturism and nudism. It’s not about being “named” nudist or naturist, it’s just about being, and enjoying life in a free manner, free of clothing and social norms that impose to be clothed.

Body Unbound front cover
The book is structured in three parts: trees, dreams and ancestors. It starts with the exploration of physical elements like trees, then the ethereal plan, dreams, and finally our culture through our ancestors. With over 250 pages, there’s a lot to look at. Beyond the beautiful photos, which are shot on an analog camera, what I really loved are the author’s notebook extracts. It p …

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