Why You Should Adopt A Naked Life

With each passing day and week I am becoming more and more comfortable allowing those in my close circle know that I am typically naked while at home. I will pretty much do anything naked and if I need to quickly go outside for some reason, then I will just slap on a robe before walking out. I do this for getting the mail or taking my trash can to the end of the driveway. If it is cool out, like it is now, then I will put a robe on to sit in my screen porch while I drink my coffee or enjoy a glass of wine in the evening. I find this easier and much less restricting that having to try and throw on pants and a shirt quickly, especially for a delivery or something that requires little time. For a lot of people this is very unnerving and somewhat fairly uncomfortable, which is very understandable for many reasons. The sad truth is this is not a norm most are used to and it’s very difficult to actually take that leap. However, once you do, it will forever change your life, if you allow it to.

Nakedness Opens Your Mind

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