The uprise of luxury naturist vacations

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For the longest time, naturism was very much connected to the “going back to basics” principle. Camping was the only way to have a naturist vacation because the goal was to get as close to nature as possible. An additional advantage of this concept was the price tag. Camping is cheap, compared to most other types of vacations. Even today, a pitch at the most luxurious naturist campsites is still significantly cheaper than the most basic hotel room or Airbnb.

Of course, this came with a downside as well. What if you don’t like camping? Not everyone likes to sleep in a tent or is the proud owner of a camper or caravan. Going on a naturist holiday was either out of the question for the non-camper or a serious attack on their comfort level. There was a gap in the market waiting to be filled.

Cap d’Agde changed everything
Those of you who have been following this blog for a couple of years, know that we have mixed feelings about Cap d’Agde. Today, the place can hardly be called naturist, although it does keep holding on to the name “naturist village”. But back in the 1970s, Cap d’Agde started a revolution in naturist vacations. When the government of the French president Pompidou drew up plans to develop the Mediterranean coastline, the Oltra family, who had a small naturist club at the coast, convinced the authorities to include Cap d’Agde in the …

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