Review: SunEden near Pretoria, South Africa

Travelling to a never before visited country is always both exciting and daunting. Especially when this country is located in a continent that we’ve hardly ever explored. You can read up about a place all you want, but only when you get there, you can start to understand the cultural differences and similarities.

South Africa has been on our to-go list for a while. The country’s splendid nature, different cultures, and friendly people are being praised around the world, and we have an additional aspect that we are hoping to learn more about: The opportunities for the naturist traveller. So as soon as we arrived in Johannesburg’s OR Tambo airport, we made our way straight towards South Africa’s largest and best-known naturist resort: SunEden.

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How to get to SunEden
Most international visitors to South Africa will either arrive in Johannesburg or in Cape Town. If SunEden is on your bucket list, you want to fly to Jo’burg. This city does not particularly have a great reputation when it comes to crime, and although there are some tourist spots, we would recommend not staying in the city but heading straight towards SunEden.

Getting to SunEden from the airport is quite straightforward, the most common way is by taking the R21 towards Pretoria, then switching to the N1 north, get off in Hammanskraal from where the R734 takes you straight to SunEden. This road goes through the Dinokeng national park, so you get the chance to see some wildlife along the way.

However, …

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