How did COVID influence naturism

Next month, it will be three years since COVID was first discovered. Can you imagine? Three years! How much has happened since then? Who would have guessed that this little bugger would turn our lives upside down and back. We still haven’t gotten rid of it, and as things seem now, maybe we never will. But if there’s one thing that humans are good at, it’s adapting to new circumstances. We just found ways to live with this new threat in our lives.

We like to believe that every crisis creates opportunities and throughout the whole pandemic we’ve been looking at how COVID did or did not have an influence on naturism. At first, it didn’t look good at all, at least not through our own eyes, the eyes of naturist travellers.

When planes stayed on the ground
We had a pretty nice itinerary worked out for the spring of 2020. We just got back from the Zipolite Nudist Festival when we boarded a plane to Cuba to check out the nude beaches in the country. From there, we would continue to Jamaica, Saint Martin, and eventually Florida, USA. A very naked spring, so to speak. Unfortunately, we didn’t even make it to our first Cuban nude beach when, after just a couple of days in Cuba, we were kinda kicked out again because the country was going to close its borders.

Travel came to a halt and this was very bad news for many naturist …

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