The Future of the International Naturist Federation

Canada, August 2018: We were sipping a glass of wine under the warm sun with Stéphane Deschênes, owner of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Resort near Toronto. The resort where we were staying at the moment. We told him about our plans to visit the World Congress of the International Naturist Federation and how excited we were to get an idea of how naturism is organised worldwide. Stéphane had experience as a board member of the INF-FNI until he decided to step down a couple of years earlier. His advice was “don’t get too excited, you might end up very disappointed”.

Portugal, October 2018: During the last months, more people with experience in the INF-FNI had brought our excitement to a lower level. They had told us to expect verbal fights and negativity. Rivalry between the federations and the board and among the federations themselves. We had been hearing rumours about stolen elections, abuse of power, and many tears. Everything that does not fit in the naturist ideology. They had prepared us for the worst, and we’re happy they did because it was not a beautiful thing to see.

What happened in Portugal
We could feel that there was something in the air as soon as we arrived at the hotel in Lisbon where the congress would be happening. The atmosphere was tense. During our travels, we had already met some of the representatives of the national federations and at the congress, we quickly realised that the people we …

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