Every day is a new day, every day can be a nude day. Here’s how!

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You can choose to embrace nudity. You can choose to be a nudist. You can choose naturism as your preferred lifestyle. Well, I don’t think you can but could, should, and even must! Nudism or naturism is an incredible lifestyle. Natural, comfortable and totally normal! As you can probably guess, I’m bare naked as I’m writing this post in my home office. Not only, it’s my most comfortable outfit, it’s the one I choose daily by default, which makes it a no-choice decision, as it’s my default way of being.
If you’re a nudist or a naturist, whatever you call yourself, or just don’t put a nude label on you and just appreciate nudity, I wanted to share four simple actions you can take, daily, to enjoy more nude time and live a free life without the constraints of clothing. Up to a point where you can spend days without wearing any clothes and enjoy a wonderful nudist life. Get set, go!
All it takes is a decision: to get naked! Of course, you may have a ton of reasons not to get naked: I live with my parents, my mates won’t let me, people will think I’m crazy, what happens if people see me, it’s against the law in my country, etc. All reasons are valid reasons. However, they are also life-limiting reasons. If, like me, you really love nudism and naturism, just embrace what you love.

Some years ago, I was in the same situation. Questions kept popping into my mind. Should I, can I, get naked? What will people think? How will family and friends react? On the other, I felt so good naked. Not only I felt good, I felt better naked than clothed. I also discover many people felt like I felt. I was part of a larger community, as millions of people around the world are “nudists”, enjoying nude recreation. Hence, I made a decision: I chose nudity! I chose nudity because it’s who I really am, deep inside. I chose nudity because it’s natural and normal. I chose nudity because it was the right thing to do.
Still sitting on the fence, not sure how to start? Let me propose a simple yet powerful action: give away all your pajamas and start sleeping naked. The first few nights may be weird. You may feel aroused. You may be uncomfortable. All it takes is a few nights, a few weeks may be and then sleeping naked will be natural and you won’t be able to sleep with clothes on (this is also true with any activities that you start to do naked).

I chatted with people who have tried and reverted to pyjamas for warmth reasons. I discussed w …

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