Body Repression  from a Naked Pulpit

It’s just a body. Relax. Take some time to explore being completely naked and with others. It feels really good. No fear here. You will probably come to thoughts like, “Yup, I’ve got one of those, too.” “Oh, that’s interesting.” It is life, a matter of fact, natural, but….
The rules and life in America, from a very early age don’t support those thoughts.

A few random thoughts about bringing up children and the dark side.
We are taught to beware a life without clothes!
As an American, I have been led to believe, to see myself and to look at other’s bodies as purely sexual objects. From this training into illusion, I have received inhibition, shame, out and out fear of being seen and seeing others in their natural state. Much of what is me, a blessing, has been termed forbidden fruit, disgusting, dangerous, immoral, nasty dirty. 
I have also been told that exposure of parts of me is a supreme vulnerability, I could be destroyed. The embarrassment and the harm to my social position might feel like a fate worse than death.
I have been taught at an early formative age to hide my genitals from others, that ogres are waiting to take advantage of me, to rape, humiliate, to lust.  They told me that everyone else will be uncomfortable with my nude body. They will be repelled, shocked, brought helplessly to sexual thought and deed, chaos. There will be the breakdown of my social support, banishment from all, a pariah. A low life reputation and slutty realm of social standing will ensue. I MUST keep them and most of the body hidden.
Doctors have told me that naked, your skin will burn red, peel off in pain, a Hell on Earth.  “Haven’t you heard? Nipples and genitals will burn more easily.”  Many people seem to believe that a sunburn will burn them, the damage irreversibly and eternally, like fire and brimstone. What burns most easy? Sit’s the shoulders and the top of your nose.
Our sick society teaches that to reveal is to, “ask for it,” “nothing is more stimulating.”  Well, is it? Are our urges so unmanageable, or is it just something imagined in someone’s head. 
We live in a world where fashion is a striptease, to entice, to accentuate, to seduce, to attract, and make us sexual objects.  Isn’t clothing just a function of protection from weather, or just some fun for decoration? What am I to make out of that contradiction? It is confusing, but a naked body is not.  In a naked body you know what you are out to project. You know when you feel cold or hot, or frisky.
When what I wear defines who I am, it confines me to an image, a projection of limited potential. I can lose individuality to a team, a tribe, don a disguise, a big lie, a white lie, a hurtful lie to others and finally a lie to oneself. How many are trapped in a lie to oneself.
So, it goes on…We are not safe without clothing, the uniformity breaks down, the submission, the allegiance to the group conformity, and you will be a threat to others. If you don’t play the game, you will be crushed, your dreams will be crushed, your loved ones, it will hurt. Going without “proper” clothing will destroy eve …

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