A Clothing-Optional Thanksgiving

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On Thursday, November 24 is Thanksgiving. If this is celebrated mostly in North America, I find it’s a great opportunity to “give thanks” to the people we love and the people who love us. I really enjoy Thanksgiving for what it means and provides a great opportunity to tell people we love how we care about them.
I find as well it’s a great opportunity to share what we love and care about. For me, my passion for nudism and naturism keeps popping up and it’s time to reflect what nudism is for me and how it affects my relationship with the people I love and how the people I love understand nudism. Thanksgiving is just then the perfect time to gather my loved friends and family around a nudist shared time.
Invite Friends, Family and Neighbours
Thanksgiving is the ideal moment to share a good meal with friends, family and neighbours. You can decide to make it a clothing-optional party. It may raise questions, but it provides an excellent opportunity to pique curiosity and to introduce nudism to newbies.

You may also leave it a clothed party, and take the opportunity to give nudist related gifts to your guests.
Thanks Gifting
I love gifting my friends with small nudist tokens. Here’s a list of ideas:

My books

Flip-flops for men

Flip-flops for women


Wrap towel
There are many other possible gifts aim at nudists, but I like the minimalism of the previous ones, as they are obvious items for any nudist.
Share a Meal
Of course, Thanksgiving is about abundance and sharing a meal. Although abundance and nudism are a kind of oxymoron to me, as I prefer to associate nudism to minimalism, we can target abundance in simplicity. With this I mean, not targeting having too much food, but focusing on simple, organic, and tasty food. Even though Thanksgiving is associated with the turkey, we can make it a vegan Thanksgiving and focus on vegetables, fruits and nuts. You will find here a few vegan Thanksgiving recipes.
If you opt for a clothing optional party, here are a few tips to put everyone at ease:
Remind everyone that clothing is optional. If a guest wants to stay clothed, it’s all good.
For the nudist guests, offer a towel and a pair of flip-flops or slippers.
Prepare a list of good nudist behaviours printed on a sheet of paper:
Thou shalt be entirely naked.
Thou shalt not stare at others.
Thou shalt not take picture without asking permission.
Thou shalt behave appropriately (nudism is sexual)
Thou shalt sit on a towel.
Thou shalt participate to …

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