The different types of naturism

Somewhere around late 2008, we had quite some questions about naturism. We had just been naked among complete strangers for the very first time, and we had enjoyed it very much. But the feeling was double. On one hand, we were longing for more, because it had been such a great experience. But on the other hand, there was nobody in our circles who seemed to do this as well. It felt difficult to talk about because we were well aware that we had broken one of the fundamental rules of society: “Thy shall wear clothes”.

This was just a phase though. The more we went to naturist venues and the more naturists we met, the more we felt certain that we weren’t doing something weird, creepy, or perverse. It was just something different. Something few other people knew about. Naturism became something we did, rather than something we thought about. Until we launched this blog and engaged in numerous online and offline naturist communities. We started receiving more and more messages that made us think about the question “What is naturism?”

The definitions of naturism
Before we dive into how we experience naturism and what we see as different types of naturism, let’s have a look at wha …

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