Review: U Furu naturist campsite in Corsica, France

Naturism in Corsica is very beach-oriented. The three large naturist resorts, Bagheera, Riva Bella, and La Chiappa, are right at the coast with direct access to a nude beach. This is not surprising, because Corsica profits from warm sea water and magnificently beautiful beaches.

Of course, the island is more than just water and sand. Those of you who can appreciate some splendid nature, high mountains, forests, waterfalls, and wildlife, can find their thing more in the centre of the island. If you want to combine this with the experience of not having to wear clothes, there’s also an option for you, it’s called U Furu.

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How to get to U Furu
As Corsica is an island, there are two options to get there. Unless you own a boat, then there are three. The first option is by ferry. Ferries leave from France (Nice, Toulon, or Marseille), from Italy (Livorno, Savona, or Genoa), and from Sardinia (Santa Teresa di Gallura). Arrival ports on Corsica are Bastia and L’Île-Rousse in the north of the island, and Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio, and Ajaccio in the south.

When taking a ferry, there are two important things to consider: Time on the ferry and distance from the port to U Furu. The southern ports are much closer to U Furu than the ones in the north, but if you’re coming from France or Genoa, your time on the ship will be significantly longer and the trip will be more expensive. Since we were travelling from France, we preferred taking the fast ferry from Nice to Bastia (6 hours) and then driving another 2.5 hours to U Furu, instead of a night ferry to the southern ports. But that’s a personal choice.

The second option is to arrive by plane. Corsica has 4 international airports, the nearest one to U Furu …

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