Our Favorite nude beaches in Europe

Europe is no doubt the best place in the world for naturism. You can find all types of naturist resorts, ranging from small 2-bedroom guesthouses to actual naturist villages, and everything in between. Most European countries have at least one and probably more (if not a lot) nude beaches.

To give you an example, Spain has over 400 official nude beaches. That is more than all non-European countries together. We’ve been travelling extensively through Europe during the last few years, and in this blog post, we’ll give you an overview of our favourite nude beaches on the continent.

Do note that the title is not “the best nude beaches”, because we think that whether you enjoy a beach or not is a very emotional decision and depends on a lot of factors. Instead, we’ll tell you about the beaches that we loved the most.

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Linguizzetta beach (France)
We didn’t want to make a Top X list, but if we had, Linguizzetta beach would most likely be at the very top. This beach just has it all. It’s several kilometres long, it has beautiful white sand, the sea water is warm, there are several beach bars, and the surroundings are nothing but splendid nature. As if a green wall separates the beach from everything behind it. As a cherry on the cake, there are some magnificent mountains in the backdrop.

What we also love about this beach is that it’s directly accessible from naturist campsite Bagheera. So if you’re staying there, you don’t need a car or find a parking spot. You don’t need to get dressed to go to the be …

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