Birthday Walk

2022-05-10 Tucson
It is a Birthday. It begins casually, leading to a brunch on a sidewalk café in an eastside strip mall. The food is good, but all of the hanging plants and wrought iron won’t escape the fact that we’re eating in their big parking lot.
Afterward, I use a door panel and the other cars next door in that parking area, to get out of my pants and into my hiking kilt. With the addition of toe shoes, I’m nearly ready.
We are near the base of scenic Mt. Lemon Highway, a long meander up into the Catalina Mountains. It starts in desert and finishes in alpine conditions at 9200 feet. Our destination is a beautiful 20 mile drive from the restaurant.
About half the way, we pull off into a familiar small parking lot on the side of the road, at around 7000 feet. This was the trailhead for our Lower Bug Springs Trail hike a couple of years back. With birthday celebrations in the order of our day, we have decided to do this shorter easier trail in the compressed time that we have. DF wants to feel nature, the solitude, the sensual nudity and be in touch with a grounding spiritual experience. It is her day, her celebration.

We have been on this trail, south, but this will be a new exploration. It leads to a popular picnic ground General Hitchcock, where it continues on up as the Green Mountain Trail. We did a backpack hike down the Green Mountain link, but didn’t pursue it further. Instead, we camped after our jaunt off to Maverick Springs. This should complete the trail in sections.
We haven’t been out much this year. This will be a test to see what condition our condition is in. The hike will be more of a long walk. Once we see what is happening around General Hitchcock, we will decide how we feel and if we want to pursue the trail past there along the creek. We are not in the mood for a real hike and there are time constraints. It is just one mile to General Hitchcock.
The elevation has given this day a windy low 70F’s. The chill factor has me in the shirt that DF brought back to me from Morrocco and kilt. The shirt from the Atlas Mountains tends to keep me both warm in mild chill and tolerant of the heat. DF has placed a warmer shirt over her sundress. This may not be a nude hike, unless the wind slows down. There is good news however, only one car in the parking lot and they are more likely to have walked the other direction, south.
We ascend the steps up from the highway. They are very tall, some knee high, but a good stretch for the rest of the walk, which wanders along the same canyon that the highway uses.
DF on the Way BackThe trail is steep a first and we find it very much up and down.  Need for those log and stone steps appear frequently. There are a few here and there. We both confess that we are surprised to feel tired. We wonder if it is that we are not used to the elevation, or if we have lost our good health from disuse! I consider secretly that my disappointment …

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