A Nudist Halloween

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Halloween is a great opportunity to get dressed in a spooky costume and have fun all night long. As with most activities and parties, Halloween can also be a nudist party. Being naked does not mean being serious and not having fun, while dressing up a little bit with spooky accessories.
So this autumn, why not inviting your nudist and textile friends to a clothing-optional Halloween party? It’s also possible that your nudist club sets a big party for Halloween which makes the festival even bigger. In all cases, Halloween means witches, devils and ghosts, a great opportunity to have fun, be scary and enjoy a bonfire, while sharing the comfort of plain nudity.
Dare to bare at Halloween!
Because Halloween is an opportunity to get dressed in costumes. Although it’s fun to wear a costume, being naked is comfortable, so why not joining both? Yes, you read it well: being bare while costumed. Furthermore, Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to be a little bit crazy, so being naked on that day may be less frowned upon and can be a great opportunity to introduce nudism to textiles.

However, the best way to make a get naked at Halloween is to organise your own Bare as you Dare party, with nudists and textile friends. Grabbing any opportunity to put nudism forward is a funtastic way to show textiles that nudism is normal, natural and totally acceptable!
Body Painting
An activity that is very popular among nudists is body painting. Don’t use any kind of painting of course, as you want something that will not harm you and will be easy to remove. You will find special body paint palette, like the one below

Face Body Paint Oil PaletteBody paintingEven if you’re not an artist capable of painting something like the awesome example above, you can still color your body with the right colors that go with your costume, or just draw scars and blood.
Another option, that has my preference with the face masks (below in the costume section): tatoos. Either totally realistic or fun, you have plenty of choice to bare it all and be really scary for this Halloween
Scary and fun tatoosWomen can also use breast pasties to be bare with a touch of costume!

Chest StickersBreast stickersCostumes
Oh my, there are so many possibilities for costumes at Halloween. While I was preparing this post, I thought first about witches and devils. Here are a few costume sets I found that will allow partial or total nudity.

Witch Costumes Accessories Set
Devil CostumeWitches and devil …

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