7 Proven Ways to Spend More Time Naked

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com
If, like me, you really enjoy nudism and naturism, you may be looking for opportunities to shed your clothes and wander in your birthday suit more often. If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a while, you know that I’ve been a naturist/nudist for many, many years and have a passion for nudism and naturism. This led me over the years to do my best to put nudism and naturism forward whenever and wherever possible. This also led to some awkward discussions, weird looks and lost connections, but the rewards are far greater than these obstacles.
Through my willingness to be naked more often than not and seize any opportunity to make it a naked opportunity, here are 7 ways I’ve tested for you that will extend the time you can spend naked, while encouraging others to join. Having others joining you on your nudist ventures is an important side benefit, as I believe the world needs more nudists! The more the merrier as we say, the more the safer as well, particularly in public places like beaches or trails. So here are 7 proven ways to spend more time naked.
When I was a kid, my mother kept telling me that if I don’t ask, I won’t get. This created the habit of asking questions when I wanted something or was puzzled. Many nudists, me included in some occasions, are scared asking if they can get naked. They fear the weird look, the awkward moment and the risk of being labeled as a freak.

Let me tell you something when it comes to share that you’re a naturist and would love to get naked if possible: you will get weird looks, you will have awkward moments and you will be labeled as a freak. Don’t think you’ll be lucky and won’t get them, you will. Case closed (or clothed), just accept it and move on! However, in more situations that we can initially imagine, once you get beyond the weird look and the awkward moment, you will be granted permission. …

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