Working From Home, the Productive Naked Way

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If like millions of people you have the ability to work from home, even if it’s one day a week, here’s are simple advices of why and how working from home the naked way. But before jumping to the crux of the matter, I want to let you know that I’ve been working from home for many, many years – even before the pandemic – and have been working from home naked since I’ve had the ability to work from home. Being a nudist for ages and being mostly naked when home, working from home always means working naked from home. Along all these years, I’ve come to create a very comfortable and convenient working space to be able to carry creative work, conference calls and productive focus work, while enjoying the comfort of simple nudity, all day long.
Getting Organised for Full-Day Nudity
If you’ve already spent entire days naked on holiday or weekend, a transition to working naked should not be big of a leap. Although, being if you happen to sit in front of a computer the whole day, you may become cold at times. A lot of questions arise if you have to answer phone or video calls. Hence, having a full day naked at work requires a little bit of organisation, to ensure it’s a pleasant experience that you will want to live as frequently as possible.

You may ask, what’s really different from a clothed day? Here are a few things you need that comes to mind:

A towel to sit on. I prefer sarongs, but it’s a matter of taste. A towel works perfectly well.
A shirt/t-shirt that you can quickly put on in case of a video call where bare chest is not an option.
A robe if you feel cold.
A cover-up if you need to step out or open the door, and cannot be naked.
A pair of flip-flops/light shoes to go and walk around.
Those are the five basic pieces of clothing I keep at hand when working naked. Most of the time, I don’t need to prepare them as my home office has a drawer with my nudist work attire. I make sure, generally over the weekend, that I have fresh towels, ready shirts and sarongs, so I can always walk confidently naked to my office for a productive day, without having to worry about my daily schedule. Nudity allows me to increase my productivity. I estimated it provides a 1.5 to 2x increase in productivity …

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