Review: La Plage Des Templiers in Ardèche, France

There are more than 200 naturist campsites in France and every single one of them is unique. They all have their own atmosphere, their own nature, their own facilities and activities. Yet, when we walked through yet another row of pitches and past yet another jeu de boule court on our way to yet another swimming pool, we couldn’t stop thinking that we’d seen this many times before.

Have we been travelling too much in France? Have we reached a point in which every French naturist campsite starts looking a bit the same? Apparently, we chose the perfect moment to visit La Plage Des Templiers. When we parked our car in the parking lot, we got our first views of the impressive canyon of the Ardèche river. And that wasn’t even the coolest part. A friendly guy told us to unload the car and put our stuff on a platform. Our luggage would get a ride down on a cable cart, and we had to walk for about 15 minutes to reach the bottom of the canyon where the actual campsite is located.

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How to get to La Plage Des Templiers
The Ardèche region is in the southeast of France. If you’re driving from the north of the country, you want to take the A7 highway – beautifully called the “Route du Soleil” in the direction of Marseille. Leave the highway in Mondragon, take the D44 towards Pont-Saint-Esprit (the last place to do groceries), and th …

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