Naturist Resorts: The place for an active vacation?

Naturists play petanque. It’s probably the biggest cliché there is about naturist resorts, and just like every other cliché, it does have a lot of truth in it. We don’t think that we ever visited a naturist resort that did not have a petanque court. Heck, we’ve never visited one that had only one court, the minimum must be at least two.

So what do naturists do when they’re not playing petanque? They just laze around the pool. And there you have the second biggest cliché. No wonder that young people are often not really attracted to the idea of visiting a naturist resort. Unless their idea of a perfect vacation is to do less than nothing except for throwing a couple of balls at a smaller ball around 5 PM. We have to admit, this is what some of our days look like as well and we can absolutely enjoy this. But just not for days in a row.

If you’re one of those people who think that this is what a naturist vacation looks like? Beware, we’re about to blow your mind!

Beach and water sports
We’re writing this blog post from a seaside camping pitch at Bagheera Naturist Resort in Corsica. In direct line of sight, we can see a couple frisbeeing, another couple playing with a ball, a guy on a kayak, and at least three people on paddle boards (although one of them is more off the board than on it, that’s not the …

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