How to Behave with Textiles – 5 Strategies to Be and Stay Nude

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When I started to engage in more nudist and naturist activities, a question kept popping in my head: should I ask if I can be naked when nudity could be an option? It was the case, for instance, at friends and family places over the summer when invited for a barbecue, or during holidays spent with friends or family.
Of course, I feared being wrongly judged and put in a box as a weirdo. I feared being cast away and losing some relationships. Then, I started to define simple strategies to open the nudism discussion. Here are few examples. When going to a beach, I would point out there was a nudist beach and asked if it were OK to go there. When spending time at a friend’s swimming pool, I started to ask if it were OK if I bathed naked. Slowly, I became comfortable sharing with others I was a nudist and preferred being naked when it was possible and was not causing any distress.
Over the years, I came up with five simple strategies to be and stay nude more often. Here they are.

1. Have a Thorough Discussion about nudism
Nudism suffers many prejudices and most textiles have a preconceived idea of what it is. Talking about nudism provides an opportunity to dispel myths and explain what nudism is. Many nudists don’t know how to start a conversation about nudism. Here are a few tactics I’m successfully using.
Use a pro-nudism article or a social network post you’ve read: “I’ve recently come across an article about nudism. It was quite interesting to dispel myths that surround nudism resorts and beaches. Have you ever tried nudism?” Those two simple sentences and question work like a charm as an ice breaker.
Use a nudist magazine: “There are many great articles in this magazine dedicated only to nudism. I also enjoyed the fact that pictures are of normal people and not super photoshopped models. Let me read you this particular article.” This can be a little bit more awkward, but it really works well and you get quicker to the fact that you’re a nudist.
Use a nudist book: “I’ve come across this book the other day. It’s very informative about what nudism is really. Would you want to read it?” This works like a charm with my last book Becoming a Nudist and the previous one Embracing Nudity. But you can use any book you like or have in your library (books on #naturism).
Using a prop, like an article, a magazine or a book, legitimises nudism and help to stir the conversation in the right direction. Having a discussion about nudism helps to ensure your interlocutor understand …

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