Here are 7 Reasons Why Nudism is a Journey, Not a Destination

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For textiles, being a nudist consists of getting naked. However, if nudism starts by getting naked on a beach, at home or in a nudist resort, it quickly incites questions, pushes limits and opens doors to encounters and discoveries. The more I am naked and share my nudity with others, the more I move on the path of nudism. Questions, limits, encounters and discoveries are why I believe nudism is not a destination but a journey. It’s not only about getting naked, it’s about being transformed psychologically and emotionally, one experience at a time.
Let’s go a little bit deeper and walk through the seven reasons why nudism is a wonderful journey of questions, limits, encounters and discoveries.
1. Nudism Starts by Being Nude
Step one, get naked! I know it seems absurd to repeat this but repetition makes perfection. Nudism is about getting entirely naked. You can keep you shoes and your hat on, but drop the rest and enjoy the feeling of freedom. For some people, nudity comes naturally, for many, it’s a state they keep private and as short as possible. For some also, naturism is not only about getting naked, a sarong or a t-shirt won’t break naturism. Naturism is considering nudity as totally normal and acceptable. A sarong will be useful to sit without needing to carry a towel, a t-shirt will protect skin that has been a little bit too exposed to the sun rays, for instance. But nudity is normal and encouraged.

Nude is our natural state. This means that not only it’s a totally normal state of being, it’s how evolution has crafted our body. Our skin is our largest organ and fulfils vital activities. The more exposed it is, the better for our health. Nudism is good for health, many articles have been written about the many health benefits of nudity. Health goes beyond the physical and encompasses psychological, emotional and spiritual.
Whether you’re pulled onto that journey by a spouse, a friend or a family member, or …

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