Being Lesbian and Nudist: Is it compatible?

Angela de la Cruz
Angela is a promoter of naturism and organiser of naturist events in Mexico. Angela is also lesbian. Not that this matters to us, or should matter to you, but it does to her. In this guest blog post, she will share her experiences of being a lesbian nudist, the good and the bad.

I have been in nudism for about 5 years and during all these years I have seen male couples, male and female couples but I have never seen a female couple, and I have often wondered: why is this so strange?

This is a question my fiancé and I ask ourselves regularly. Is it because other women feel unsafe? but on the other hand, I have seen more and more participation of females in nudism here in México.

Probably I don’t have the answer and is it a mystery we will never find out, but at least I would like to share my experience as a nudist lesbian in a relationship, how this has an impact on our relationship and the benefits that it has brought us. So hopefully, in the near future more, female couples can join nudism and break this taboo once and for all.

Let’s understand the problem.
Okay, first let’s talk about being a female as an individual. There’s a huge social problem facing our nudity in public because of all the objectification that we have been through decade over decade. TV has shown us that if we don’t have the perfect body, we must hide it, and if we do have the “perfect body” then it’s only for the pleasure of men. So we grow up with the idea that our body doesn’t belong to us. To be honest, this is something very difficult to change but it’s not impossible.

On the other hand, feminism has gained so much strength during the last years and little by little, we have gained power over our own bodies and, as a consequence, also our own decisions. If we conside …

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