Top 10 Benefits of Nudism

Nudism is one of the best lifestyles, if not the best, in my opinion. It has so many benefits that books have been written about it, podcasts are produced, films are made and millions of people go to nudist resorts, camping parks and beaches each holiday season. We don’t just get nude because it just feels good, there’s a lot of other aspects to nudism and naturism.
After years of nudist living, hundreds of interviews and conversations with nudists, here are my top 10 benefits of nudism and naturism.
1. Comfort
Being naked is comfortable. No clothing that wrinkles. No sweat that sticks. Just the air against your skin. For many people, accepting to be naked is a psychological, cultural or religious challenge. However, once you’ve accepted that nudity is inherently non-sexual and it’s a normal and natural way of being, comfort sinks in.
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines comfort as contented well-being. Nudity definitely rhymes with well-being. Contented adds this dimension to the path to happiness. Nudity makes nudists happy. The moment I get naked, my mood changes. It seems I cannot get angry when naked.
Nudity brings physical comfort as well as psychological one. I just feel better when naked. I believe this is why nudism is so powerful and effective to feel great. It explains why many nudists become strong activists of nudism. It finds its root in our animal conditions. The human body was never made to be clothed. It functions better when totally naked, as we will see later in this post. The link between body and mind finds here a real application. Being naked makes you feel better because it’s inherently comfortable.
2. Freedom
Freedom can be a loaded term as we’re not free to be naked whenever and wherever we want. However, despite …

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