Review: Naturist campsite Les Fourneaux in Auvergne, France

We are regularly asked whether we never get bored of travelling in France. This is indeed the 4th summer in a row that we’re in this country and once again, we’ll be staying for several months. But getting bored is not something we’re afraid of. This country has so much to offer to both our naturist side and our traveller side. There are still many villages that we haven’t seen yet, wines we haven’t tasted yet, and naturist resorts in which we haven’t yet spent some time without clothes.

What does worry us from time to time is whether we will be able to keep coming up with interesting angles and stories. Will there ever be a point where we visited so many French naturist campsites that they all just start looking the same? We trust that this won’t happen any time soon, especially since we’ve learned that an angle can often be found in a small corner. Like in a simple sentence saying “Our pitches, separated by trees and shrubs, range in size from 400m² to 1500m²”.

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How to get to Les Fourneaux
If you look at the map of France, campsite Les Fourneaux is pretty much located right in the centre of the country. At about an hour north of Clermont-Ferrand. If you’re coming from the north, your best option is to drive to Paris, from where it’s another 300 kilometres south on the A77 highway. If you want to avoid the Parisian traffic, an alternative way is …

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