Review: Club du Soleil de Troyes in Aube, France

Several years ago, somewhere along the road, a very nice French couple had recommended the Club du Soleil de Troyes to us. This happened during happy hour at a naturist campsite, a situation in which recommendations tend to get forgotten as quickly as they are received. The thing was, they mentioned access to a natural river, and natural water is something we both enjoy much more than any given swimming pool. So the tip got stuck in our heads.

During that trip, there was no opportunity to pass by Troyes, the capital of the southern Champagne region. Nor was it an option the year after. Only when we started planning this year’s road trip, and we were looking for ways to get from Belgium to the southwest of France avoiding the infamous ring of Paris, the club appeared on our radar again. What if we crossed France via the Champagne region? We would get the chance to buy some of the world’s most exclusive wine at a fraction of the price and we could finally visit the Club du Soleil de Troyes. And off we went.

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How to get to Club du Soleil de Troyes
The campsite is located in a small village called Verrières, just south of the city of Troyes. If you’re driving from the north of Belgium or the Netherlands, you want to get to Lille from where you can follow the direction of Reims. From Reims, it’s only about an hour on the A26 highway before you g …

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