Redington Pass V

Laying in It:
We’re in the Waters of Redington Pass.
There’s an initial shock to sitting down into the water with the contrast of the sun baked rock.
The body lays back, taking in the creek water and pressing up onto the warm smooth granite surface. This baked rock is under part of the body, but some of it is submerged in the cool stream.
A small whoosh makes itself noticed, as cool water and wet body meet and make their peace. They work together until comfort arrives.
Laying in the rise of a rock is a contrast. The sun’s above, but cool water is below and around. It laps at my waist. There’s a splash, just a tiny drop really and it’s cool. It tickles my belly and my chest.  They are just other bodily spots coming alive in surprise, a pleasant surprise.

Feet are pulled in the current and then not.
Relaxation fades into a doze. That’s easy when pleasantly alone inside this body, which is inside the draped warmth of a natural solar blanket.
A fingertip drops into the cool, then some more. Then other fingers of the hand join it. They sit, float and then take a hold of the passing water. The fingers are pulling gently against the current, like a sail against wind.
Making a cool liquid slash across my chest with a finger, I twitch. Warmth seems to make it sizzle off. Drops evaporate and penetrate and then the cool goes away. Warmth returns, wonderful heat.
I was born here, this body is of this world, created by this world and this world suits it perfectly.
How to convince myself to get up? Why leave? I could just fall asleep, a nap in the sun, in mother’s arms.
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