I don’t want to see naked people

The title of this post is the sentence my wife said while I was proposing her to go to the nude beach a long time ago. I’ve been a nudist before meeting her and introduced her to nudism. But she was, and still is in some respects, reluctant to embrace nudism as I have. It was not about being seen, her expressed reason was about not wanting to see naked people. At first, I thought it was a stupid idea, then, I realised it made sense and it may have been one of the main reasons many people are against naturism and nudism. Seeing naked people confronts us to seeing humanity without anything to hide, to accepting our own flaws, and to being who we are without the lens of others’ judgmental view. Not wanting to see naked people is refusing to consider our own insecurities and to push our own comfort zone.
How to move from not wanting to see naked people to wanting to be naked with other naked people? Here’s a three-step thought process that works more often than not.
Having Nothing to Hide
How life would be if nobody hid anything? I recently came to the concept of radical honesty. Radical honesty is about telling the truth, always the truth and only the truth. Of course, you can sugarcoat and ensure the receiving end is ready to hear the truth, but I believe it’s a wonderful way to be congruent with our inner self. I think nudism and radical honesty work well together. Being a nudist is having nothing to hide and being casually, simply, and vulnerably naked.
One question I love to ask when I’m told that seeing naked people is wrong, is why would you not go naked with others? The answers vary from “because we don’t do this” to “because it’s gross” to “because I won’t do it, full stop”. The main reason though fits in one word: shame. Most people would feel shame exposing their breasts or genitals. It’s important to make them express and accept this shame. Once accepted, the discussion can move t …

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